CILC attendees must be members of GULP. GULP association fee is 40€ for seniors  (faculty members: RTDA’s, RTDB’s, Ricercatori a tempo indeterminato, etc.) and 10€ for juniors (non-faculty members: PhD students, post-docs, etc.), and it is included in the registration fee.

Registration must be paid cash on-site, but the registration must be done by September 4 by filling out the registration form.

Registration Senior Junior
Non-member of AI*IA/AILA  250 € 210 €
Member of AI*IA/AILA 245 € 205 €

In order to facilitate attendance by young researchers we will try to (partially) cover conference expenses for young participants (Master students and PhD students) who otherwise have no financial support. Click here for details.

Note: the registration fee includes coffee breaks, lunches, and social dinner.